Long task description - show more feature



Hi all,

So i’m a premium user and we are using custom fields in our workflow with about 10 custom fields per task. We also forward emails to Asana which sometimes results in very long task descriptions.

I’ve noticed my team feeling frustrated when trying to view some task comments and they have to continually scroll to the bottom of the task.

My idea would be if a `task description is over X amount of character that the remainder of the text would be hidden and a show more button could appear. This will allow the card to be ‘smaller’ and if you want to view the description of the task you can just hit a button which I think will happen less than scrolling a whole bunch of times to view your comments.


Thanks for the feedback @Mihow; I understand this is not ideal but you can use the “Tab+P” shortcut to skip the description and quickly focus on the Projects Tags. It might be a good workaround for the time being!