Lock Templates


Can you lock a Template so people can not accidentally mark tasks complete?

I use Templates for our onboarding process. I pre-assign tasks to people so it is all set up for me to duplicate. However, the people that I assign tasks to sometimes accidentally mark the template task as complete.

I know you can choose a “Comment-Only” project but I want to lock it so no one can do anything in the Template.

Is this possible?



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Hi @Chris26. Unfortunately, that is not yet possible. Once the task is assigned (even if the permission is comment-only for that person), the assignee will be able to complete the task. https://asana.com/guide/help/permissions/user-permissions

Ultimately this goes back to not having a template assigned task showing up in My Tasks automatically (it should ideally wait until being an actual project vs template). There are some work-arounds listed in this product request thread: Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically? You can add your vote as well! Hope this helps.