Live with ADHD? Get Asana to work for you!

Asana could be a great ally to manage your daily work if you suffer from ADHD. As Asana partner we decided to talk with existing Asana users with ADHD to understand their life better. They helped us put together a document to help you navigate this tool to get the best out of it!


Can confirm Asana is a pretty ADHD-friendly tool, especially with how adjustable the notification settings are (too many notifs will ocmpeltely switch-off an ADHD person’s attention, but being able to pick and choose what I want and need notifications for is great).


  • The amount of things I can attach to a single Asana task and reflect on other boards with one source of truth avoids clutter

  • The UI is really good. Not distracting, easy to read, and the dark setting is ace.

  • The little dopamine hit from completing a task and getting a cute little animation also helps more than you’d think!