Links of tasks pasted within Asana show only as links, not names

When copy-pasting a task link within Asana we were usually getting the name copied. Since 2 days we only see the full link of the task.

Browser version:
Google Chrome
Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

I had the chance to further look into this. Links don’t show as names only when from a different workspace, when from the same Workspace it works fine.

Anyone is having the same problem or can reproduce it?

Welcome to the Forum @Frank_M_Saviane :wave: and thank you for reaching out!

You are correct here. When pasting a task link from a different Workspace or Organization, you get the full link of the Task. This is not a Bug but actually an expected security behaviour. When pasting a task within the same Workspace or Organization, you will get a link with the name of the task rather than the full link.

Thank you again for taking time to report this. Please, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

PS: Since this is not a Bug, I’m moving this thread to the #tipsandtricks category. I hope it’s OK. Have a great Monday!

sorry, I named it differently, it’s the same organization, just different sub-workspaces.
It’s definitely not expected behavior, because this changed for us only a couple of days ago.

Hi @Frank_M_Saviane!

Apologies for the confusion. I though you were talking about different Organizations. Just to fully understand, when you mention different sub-workspaces are you referring to different Teams?

I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue on my end. In order to investigate this further it would be great if you can confirm the following questions:

  1. Can you log into your Asana account from a different browser and an incognito window and let me know if you are still experiencing this issue?
  2. Can you please confirm if this is happening to the whole Organization or just to you?

Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to your reply!

Hi @Natalia ,

I mean, the same Team account, with different workspaces (we use one for marketing, for sales, product etc).

The point is that it was working perfectly fine, so I was guessing something broke after your major breakdown on 29-30 August

All team members have the same issue.
I did all the steps as you suggest in your Guide such as emptying cache, incognito, different browser, etc (and team members too).

BTW: If you link a task from the same workspace (I don’t mean project/board, but workspace) --> then the link gets converted correctly.

Many Thanks,

Thank you for the clarification @Frank_M_Saviane !

I know understand that you are using several Workspaces and each workspace has its own separate entity with its unique set of people, projects, and tasks. This is the reason why when copying a task from Workspace A to Workspace B you will see the entire full thread rather than the Task name. You can learn more about privacy between Workspaces here.

I hope this clarifies. Please, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!!

Dear Natalia,

I will investigate this further, but we have always done it this way (having different teams across different workspaces) and the names were always visible.

And when there was a link coming from a workspace that you dindn’t have access to, it was market as “Private Link”.

I will investigate with my team, but you either changed the rules in the last few days or there might be a different problem.


Dear @Natalia, I also got confirmation that the team having this problem is all part of the same workspaces.
I can definitely tell that this is not expected behavior, it happened suddenly, out of work hours, and with no change in use from our side.

@Natalia just for the sake of our testing, we tested with 2 workspaces with 2 team members only and it still happens on two different machines. Would be great, if someone from product can have a look at this.

Hi @Frank_M_Saviane and apologies for the confusion.

If I understood correctly you are also facing this issue with links from the same Workspace, correct?

I’ve gone ahead and escalated the issue to our Development Team so they can investigate this issue further. I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end.

Thank you in advance for taking time to investigate this with your Team. We really appreciate it!

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Hi @Natalia ,

no, the test was to challenge the privacy thing that you’ve shared:
We have two workspaces (with the same team members in them, within the same organization and all with the same rights/roles) in which we copy-paste links of cards of each other workspace and they are not being converted into a name (was working fine for last 5 years before the problem suddenly popped up).

Thanks for escalating it. Looking forward to hearing from the Dev Team.

@Natalia do you have any update from the dev team? Any ticket number or something that we can track?
This problem is impacting us quite a lot (especially now that we have been thinking about upgrading to Asana for business), partners want to switch to other platforms.


Hello @Natalia ,
hope you are well. Do you have any information about next steps here. It is affecting us pretty heavily.

Hi @Natalia, do you have any updates from your development team? Have a great week, Thanks Frank

Hi @Frank_M_Saviane and sincere apologies for the delay in responding to you, I’ve just received an answer from our Development Team this morning. They confirmed this isn’t a bug unfortunately; our infrastructure team has recently made some changes to Asana underlying architecture in order to deliver higher availability to our users. This includes reducing dependencies across different organizations or workspaces, so that if Asana is down for a small number of organizations or workspaces, other users are not affected.

I realise that with your current set up, this is having a huge impact and I’m really sorry for the trouble caused. I took a closer look at your account and I think I might have a good solution to solve this problem: from what I can see in your account, you do own an email domain for your Organisation, so instead of using multiple separate Workspaces, you could use one Organisation and convert all your Workspaces into Teams. Teams will offer you the same security than Workspaces but a lot more flexibility. You will also be able to cross reference tasks and avoid the issue you’re currently experiencing. If you were thinking to upgrade to Business features it makes a lot of sense too because with your current set up you would need to purchase 1 business plan for each of your Workspaces (even if it is the exact same people working in each WS); with an Organisation, you only need 1 Business plan, no matter how many teams you have.

Our support team can help you migrate your Workspaces and make this process as easy as possible for you. I would recommend reaching out to them by filling the form in the following link.
Feel free to share the URL of this thread for context, it will save you from having to re-explain everything :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps Frank; again so sorry for the trouble, and thank you so much for your patience over the last few days. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

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Dear @Natalia, I wanted to post right in this moment. It must be a problem of the web app, because the mobile app is showing me the correct behavior (screen shot pasted below).

Regarding all the other changes, it is something that we can discuss internally, but we now have the problem of solving this issue, then can think about moving/migrating into other setups.



Hi @Frank_M_Saviane,

Marie here stepping in for @Natalia :slight_smile: Our Mobile and Web app are completely separated. The recent update Natalia is referring to hasn’t yet been implemented in Mobile because it requires additional work, but it will be implemented there in the future too.

I do understand this is a challenging situation for your team considering your current set up; the best option is definitely to migrate to an Organization, and our support team will be happy to help you with this transition!

Since this isn’t a bug, I’m moving this thread back to #tipsandtricks to avoid any confusion for other Forum users. Feel free to reach out if there is anything else I can help with!

Hi @Marie
Ok thanks for the explanation. Can someone quickly come back to us to understand how to migrate to Organization+Teams and get an understanding of free vs. premium features? We are contemplating right now to move to other platforms, so it’s a bit time-critical to get this done asap.

The best way to get the process started is to contact our support team via this form. Once that’s done, let me know and I’ll try to speed things up on my end :slight_smile: Looking forward to your reply!