Link to Custom Project Template for outside organizations to duplicate

I’m not sure if this is already a topic but I have needed this for years in Asana! We have a Hight Ticket Program that was built to scale. We teach through lessons and after a set of lessons they have tasks to complete to get the lessons implemented in their company.

Right now, They have to download a CSV file, upload it to Asana, create sections in subtasks that showed up as a task itself, etc. It’s not efficient, especially when they’re just learning how to use Asana.

In Canva, (lol yes the design platform) You can create designs and share them as a template in link form. Others can click the link to duplicate the design and add their own branding. This is IDEAL when you have a company at scale. Adding every student to our organization or having to do anything regarding us getting their email to add them to a project/template gets confusing for them and time inefficient for us.

Is there anything like this where they click a link, see a project we’ve created and they can duplicate themselves in their organization?


Yes that exists, it is called Templana and was created by me :slight_smile:

You can specifically look at the ability to share templates privately Templana, anything is possible with Asana

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