Link to API doc broken for some languages


If you go to Asana doc as a non english speaker, you end up on Présentation des API d’Asana | Guide produit • Asana
and if you click on the API link, you are taken to the 404 page

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman, and thanks for the report!

I know we’ve recently revamped this guide, my guess is that we’re waiting to put the last touches in English before we get it translated into other languages. But let me double-check this with the API team and I’ll keep you posted here!

Understood, my bug is not that the page is not available in French but rather that the link is broken. It takes someone with experience (a web developer like me) to understand you need to remove the language from the address) to sort it out.

I believe this page used to be available in French but isn’t in its new versions. I’ll check with the team if we’ve plans to translate it soon or if we should modify the URL to redirect users to the English guide. Thanks Bastien!

Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

So we aren’t planning to localize this guide at the moment. Instead, we will make sure to redirect all users to the English page Asana.

Thanks again for the report!