Link recurring task to next instance

When a task (TASK B) is created from completing a recurring task (TASK A) the following story appears on the TASK B:

USER duplicated task from TASK A

It would be nice if TASK A would show something like:

USER duplicated task to TASK B

At this time, you can follow a recurring task back in time, but it would be helpful to follow the task forward in time.

Hi @Benjamin_Ragan and thanks for sharing this feedback with us.

The essence of your feedback is very similar one of our existing thread: Do repeating tasks carryover description and comments?. The workaround I’m sharing in this specific post might be useful to you too!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure the linked post is the same. In the linked post, the discussion is around keeping the comments when the next task in the series is created. I am not asking about prior comments (personally I don’t think the comments should move to the next task).

I am asking for an improvement on following the series timeline. When the next task in the recurring series is created there is a story added to the new task in the series which points to the previous task.


It would be helpful if the previous task in the series had a story item pointing to the next task in the series. Here is an example of what would appear on the previous task in the series:

Benjamin Ragan duplicate task to Test Task.

Test Task in this story would be a link to the next task in the series.

If you can follow the series forward and backwards via links in the stories, then the need to copy comments forward would not be needed.

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Got you! Thank you so much for the additional information!