Limited Access Users

I understand what a limited access user is by definition, but in practice, how does a user become a limited access user? What are the actual steps that occur, in order? Thank you!!

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Hi @Kristen_Adams! Welcome to the Forum :wave: Let me give you some context here.

Limited Access Members in a Workspace

There are two types of people in a Workspace: Workspace Members and Limited Access Members. Workspace Members have full access to your Workspace, while Limited Access Members are limited to the projects, tasks, and conversations explicitly shared with them.

To convert Members and Limited Access Members you just need to follow these steps: Asana member settings | Product guide • Asana

Limited Access Members in an Organization

In an Organization, a Limited Access Member shares your email domain (different from the Guest who does not).

Every time you invite a colleague from a different Team to collaborate on a specific Task or Project of your Team, this colleague becomes a Limited Access Member, since he/she does not have access to all projects within your Team. They can see only projects and tasks they’ve been added to, but not conversations or other projects in the team.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Thank you Natalia! This is very helpful. I am referring to Limited Access Members in an Organization. Now I understand about inviting a colleague from a different team to collaborate on a task or project, that makes sense. The thing that has me confused is this definition from the guide “Each Team has its own members and projects. Those who don’t have access to all projects within your team will appear as Limited Access Members in your Team Settings Members tab.” It makes it sound like Limited Access Members are team members that don’t have access to all of the team projects. This is different from what you are describing, yes?

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I was also confused by this:

“The only way to gain access to a Hidden Team is by being invited in from a Member of that Team. However, Limited Access Members can also see hidden teams and request to join.”

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Hi @Kristen_Adams! Sorry for the confusion here.

What is explained in the Guide it’s indeed the same that I have described. I understand that it might be a bit confusing but let me see if I can rephrase it:

When you are a member of a Team, you will have Full access to all the Projects within this Team by default. You will also have access to the Team Conversation.

A Limited Access Member only has access to those Projects or tasks that has been invited to but he/she won’t have access to other projects or conversation of the Team.

I hope this helps clarify the matter! :slight_smile:

Excellent question @Kristen_Adams!

A Limited Access Member of a particular Hidden Team is able to see it ONLY because he has access to a certain Project or Task of that Hidden Team.

I hope this helps! :grinning:

That helps so much!! Thank you @Natalia!!