Labour cost / Hourly rate


Hope I’m wrong but I dont see any place to enter individual’s hourly $ rate to determine cost of a task/project

for Example.
Mr C cost $75 per hour X Actual Time = $9999

Hey @anon2656139,

you can use custom fields such as the numeric field which can be set to a currency as well.

Now in terms of calculations you have some options now with the formula builder that is available for business and enterprise users. more info here: Formula Custom Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

And here is the relevant announcement
Additional functionalities should be launched in the future.

Hi @Andrea_Mayer thanks for the hint but i have tried it and = shows as Time not in dollar value

i.e Mr C cost $75 X Actual time = 99 weeks 5 hours.
but i need it to show = as in Dollar or digit value not in time value.

Yeah I guess more options for this might be implemented in the future since they hinted additional functionalities will come.

It can show it in dollar value right now (just ensure the rate field is set to a $ field) as I tested it also but the problem is that 45min is considered as 1h for example and if I multiple the hourly rate with the time it calculates it based on the minutes.


Now one way I got it to work was like this:
Just as an example let’s assume the hourly rate should be $10. Instead of adding the hourly rate in a field you add the rate per minute which in our example is $0.166

Now set up the formula (rate per minute x total time worked) Screenshot_9970

And this way it shows correctly (or let’s say nearly since it should be $7,5 but shows 7,470)


If the field for the rate per minute is set to 6 commas then you have it a lot more accurate and anyway for paying it would be rounded.

How have you set up the rate field? And is the actual time in your case pulled from the time field or a different numeric field you set up?


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