Keyboard shortcut to move across sections in search results

This one is pretty niche, but I reckon over a year it would save heavy shortcut users quite some time and I presume also pretty uncomplicated to implement.

I mainly move across Projects and pretty much anything in Asana using the Search function, I usually get to the Search bar using the related keyboard shortcut, so I don’t take off my hands from the keyboard which is always faster than using the mouse.

Search results are well organised by sections:

  1. Tasks
  2. Projects
  3. People
  4. Portfolio
  5. Messages
  6. Goals
  7. Teams

Often when you need to get to a result which is shown around the middle of the list, you need to hit down-arrow quite a bunch of times.

It would be practical if with a modifier like CMD (or CTRL of Windows) we could jump from one section to another in the search results.

So in the screenshot below for instance hitting just once “CMD + ↓” would get me directly into the first Project title.


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