Keeping task open when its converted to a project and syncing

Is there a way to keep a task open when it’s converted to a project and have them connected?

My email team is uploading their calendar via a list for the month and then each of those emails need to become a project that I can associate a template to so the working team can start on it. However if my email team changes the ‘go live’ date in their projects I need the ‘go live’ date to also change in the associated project.



There is no way to keep the task and projects in sync, and my personal opinion is that it will never be the case.

Regarding the ability to keep the task opened, I just tried and you indeed can’t. I am moving your post to the Product Feedback category!

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I would also like this functionality - when converting a Task to a Project, move the task within the project so that all attachments to the task are now found in the Project files.