Keep set sorting of tasks in widget



The list of my tasks on the widget (using the app) keeps switchting back the set way of sorting (“due date”) whenever I leave the widget, so that my tasks are all mixed up the next time I switch back to it. I would like it to remember the chosen setting and preferably even add new tasks instantly in the correct order, sorted by due date. Can someone help me? :slight_smile:


I think that is a bug. As I just tried it and for about half a second it was correct and then it reverted. I was trying on My Task view. Have you tried within Projects?

@Alexis what’s the best way to get this reported as a bug?


You add “[bug]” in the post title and she will take care of the rest :+1:


Thanks I probably should know that… :blush:


Same problem here.


I know it not a bug but it should be considered as a bug