Is there any way to be notified when URL attachment created via App Component is removed from task?

I am planning to use “Resource attach URL” from Lookup App Component to link task with custom entity in db.
Do you have any “Resource de-attach URL” (or maybe exists other way) to notify when URL attachment created via Lookup App Component is removed from the task, so I can remove this link from my db?


Hi @Alex_Alex and welcome to the forum,

I don’t think there is such an event or notification, but maybe @John_Baldo or @Jeff_Schneider could check on this?


many thanks you for your answer.

I found that to implement similar functionality I can create webhook on that particular task when any of it’s attachment deleted and remove link in my db when attachment id is one I created via Lookup App Component (create webhook in “Resource attach URL” action).

But in documentation I found that webhooks have so called “Heartbeat events” every 8 hours, so my question is - if I have 100k tasks and create webhook for each of them, will my server be called with this “Heartbeat event” 100k times every 8 hours even though webhook url is the same?


I’m 98% sure it would be called for each, because each webhook is a separate object that can be valid or not, despite the endpoint URL being the same.

I don’t know your complete use case but I’d suggest not creating 100K webhooks - can you instead create a webhook on the project? That way you would have enormously less webhooks; when an event comes in, you’ll still get the task ID to know which task to deal with.