Is there a way to view and organize projects by criteria. ie, due date, priority, create date, etc?

Other than the HOME screen which does not provide sort options (only to view by recent list or tile of which there appears to be no rhyme to the sort order) is there another way of viewing all your projects and sorting by criteria as noted.

Hi @Paul_Rayburn, great question!

At this time, there is no single way to view all projects at one time and sort by the criteria you have mentioned.

I’m going to call on our Forum Leaders here as they might be able to offer a workaround, @Ambforumleader @Ambforumleader :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rebecca!

Yes, there isn’t a feature of this kind at the moment.
There are couple of workarounds I have, but they are not ideal.

  1. If you have access to portfolio feature, you can group all your projects under one portfolio and keep it private. Under this portfolio you will be able to see projects based on their deadline; or
  2. (And this is a labour intensive way), create a project where each task is linked as a headline task in each of live projects. It is like your projects directory. You can then keep an eye on all these live projects and their due dates from this one project.

Hope this helps a bit Paul!



Thanks for the workarounds, @Rashad_Issa! :star2:

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Yes I have noticed and started using the Portfolio feature. Which seems to work. Is there a way to assign a project to a portfolio from the project itself. No big deal just a bit more intuitive to quickly add it to a portfolio rather than create project then go to portfolios and search and find project to add. :grinning:

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Is there a way to get a project to show the due date AND Time in the portfolio list view.

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Also is there way to have all projects in a portfolio automatically added to workload?

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Hi @Paul_Rayburn

You can add a project to a portfolio from the project: open the project, and once you click on the little arrow next to the project name, you’ll have an option to add it to a portfolio.

In a portfolio, you can show start date and end date.

@Bastien_Siebman has created a tool to automatically add projects to a portfolio, I’ll let him jump in the conversation.



Thank you, I did not notice that option to add to portfolio there but that is perfect. :grinning:


Thank you Julien for getting to this before me.

@Paul_Rayburn Portfolio is like discovering a new toy that you will enjoy playing with for a long time! Happy Portfolio-ing :wink:

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