Is there a way to not become a collaborator when just moving a task to another project?

We have a workflow where tasks where the project they should be assigned to is not known by the creator are all dumped in one project. Then a person with deeper knowledge of the topics moves the task to the correct project.

The act of moving the task seems to make the person a collaborator which then in most cases makes him receive notifications about updates on the task (depending on the notification settings of course) - this is very irritating as it drowns notifications about tasks this person is actually involved in,

Is there a way to not automatically become a collaborator when “only” moving a task?

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Hi @Ronald_Findling, thanks for reaching out!

I tested this on my end and I’m not added as collaborator when I add a task to another project. Are you manually multi-homing the task or are you using Rules? and when you mention you are moving a task to another project, do you mean you click the three dots in the top right corner and select “Add to another project?”

Please note that if you are the task creator, you will always be added as collaborator.

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Hi Emily,

moving a Task for me means removing from one project and assigning to another one.
Adding a project doesn’t make me a collaborator - but removing a project makes me a collaborator of the tasks (just tested again).

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Hi @Emily_Roman any is there update on my question?

I haven’t tested this behavior yet @Ronald_Findling but does it add you as a collaborator if you FIRST add the task to another project and THEN remove it from the original?

Perhaps you are added as a collaborator because you first remove the project thus making the task a temporary orphan. Again, I haven’t tested this but perhaps this is why you see this behavior.

Hope this helps.

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Hey Jerod, thx for the reply.

This also happens when i just remove 1 of 2 projects so I would guess it is not an “orphanage” related topic.

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Hi @Ronald_Findling, apologies for the late follow-up here! I’ve escalated this to our product team to investigate it further and confirm whether this is expected or not. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update!

This has been dormant for a month - what’s the state here @Emily_Roman ?

Hi @Ronald_Findling, thanks for following up on this. Unfortunately I don’t have any updates yet. Our team will work on creating consistency between adding a collaborators when removing and adding a task to a project. However, we don’t have a specific ETA that this feature will be implemented. Apologies for any inconvenience!