Is it possible to make subtasks always visible on the project's main screen?


I have some big projects with lot of tasks and subtasks. Is it possible to make all subtasks always visible on project screen? Every time I move through the projects, I have to unfold subtasks, which is quite irritating :slight_smile: Saving such a layout doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance for You help!


No @Piotr_Pokorny it is not possible at present ToDo this.

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Thanks for the info!

Check out Ability to expand/contract all subtasks in task list at once and up-vote this feature if you think it would help. It won’t save the layout, but you would be able to expand all subtasks with a single click.

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AGREED. Yet another insanely basic feature that apps that should be here.

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Right. baseline functionality here Product Team. Thanks!

Actually that feature request is different from what’s being asked for here. There is an existing product request that matches:

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I second this, it would be great if subtasks could be always open and viable. Also maybe the option to colour code them that way we could make them red when not completed and we could change them to red once completed.


Definitely want this. It’s totally a pain to not be able to see the full scope of the project.

This feels like a necessary feature. I wish they had already fixed this.

I guess bumping this in the comment section won’t encourage Asana to add this to the functionality… perhaps I should try a meme barrage on twitter :call_me_hand: