Is Asana good to manage custom workflow?

Hi everyone,

I am evaluating Asana functionality at this moment. I wonder if Asana is good for this type of “projects”:

  1. Time-boxed project (say 5 weeks)
  2. Automatically created milestones (deadlines? Events?) with due dates automatically set relatively to the beginning of a project
  3. Automatically created checklists per milestone (it could be tasks but other options are good too). A milestone is reached only if all items on the checklist are completed.
  4. A dashboard view of a project with visible fields:
  5. Milestones with two statuses (perhaps coloured) - reached or missed
  6. Optional: calculates fields based on project level data, number of checklist items finished, etc.

Any opinion is highly appreciated.



  1. yes with a start and end date on a project, and the right set of tasks with dates
  2. yes with a template and due dates and automatic date shifting upon project creation
  3. no way to automatically complete a task in a scenario like this, rules won’t help you.
  4. not sure what you are referring to, can you elaborate?
  5. a milestone is a special type of task, a missed milestone is just a milestone task with an overdue date, that will show as red instead of green. Good enough?
  6. not natively available in Asana, you would need 3rd party apps or custom code

Hope that helps

Thank you for your answer.

4 not sure what you are referring to, can you elaborate?
The 4th item is a head item for 5 and 6, i.e. 5=>4.1 and 6=>4.2 so it’s a formatting issue. Thanks.

Would you mind recommending a topic I should be investigating first to cover creation of an own template (#2)? There seem to be quite a lot of reading materials so I am just trying to make a shortcut here.

Thanks in advance in any case,

You can read and the section about date (auto date shifting was the wrong word)

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