iPhone App Tasks List

I need a way for the Tasks list on an Iphone to show the project it belongs to. According to my, techs, some Android phones do this, but the iPhone app does not. My techs will have the same task, but for multiple projects. Is there a fix coming for this? I feel at one time the project tags did show up in the tasks list, but do not now.

Hi @Joe_Hamilton! Are you using the latest version of the iOS app? the project should be visible right below the task’s description (See screenshot below). I don’t believe you can see to which project a task from your My Tasks, belong to from either the Android or iOS app!

I need the guys to be able to see it from My Tasks. One of my techs says the Android App does. It used to and not sure which update changed that. Another option that would be nice is for the “Favorites” under projects to automatically show only projects you are added to. I am not sure how the “Favorites” is populated, but it seems pretty random

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