iOS custom search refresh speed



Hello, when I use the iOS app I have a few custom searches that I use to search for "all incomplete tasks for the next 14 days).
On the web app, this custom search loads (i.e. refreshes) almost instantaneously.
However, on the iOS app, it takes approximately 20-35 seconds for the custom search to refresh. While I don’t think that it needs to necessarily be immediate, cutting that refresh time down would be much appreciated as I find myself waiting for the custom search to reload/refresh before I do anything else.



Hi @christopherjamesng and so sorry for the trouble!

Have you tried to reinstall your iOS app recently? I’d be curious to know if improves the loading issues you’re experiencing!

Keep us posted!


Hi Marie. I am replying from my business account here.

I did delete and reinstall, but the speed issue was still there. It still is in the ~30 second range for new tasks to sync when using a saved search.


Got it! One last question, is this happening both when you’re using a Wifi network and your mobile data?


Great question, and one of my first thoughts as well. I have tested it on both wifi and mobile, and the refresh speed seems similar on both networks.


Thanks for the additional information @Ng_Lab ; looks like there is definitely room for improvement here! With that said, these issues can variate from one phone to another depending on how much phone memory is available or network quality for example.


Very true. I have tested it on my iPad as well with similar speed results. It’s obviously the same network. I do not have an android device to test speed on that OS.