Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business


Thanks, but no thanks.

I don’t want to chat about upselling and paying even more for our 50+ members, and even less we constantly want that “Upgrade”-button displayed on the top right.

Asana decides to establish a new paying model? Fine, your tool, your choice - even though I would be keen to know where your customers actually asked for a new version with higher pricing. The example you are setting with restricting the updated dashboard feature to the new pricing tier is worryingly.

There are so many elementary feedback requests in this community (Push notifications at due time, better user permissions, etc.) I hope will a) finally see the light in Asana someday and b) won’t be limited to higher priced versions.

Quite frankly, the amount we are paying you for 50+ premium users should validate for a more premium treatment featurewise - now it kind of feels like we are using some sort of dumbed down trial version.


I would also like to add my voice to this. It’s incredibly underhanded to deprecate a feature and replace with a similar feature and then charge DOUBLE for access to it. Very unhappy with this development.

At the very least let us keep the old Dashboards!


Same problem here in South Africa.


I’m sorry to say that these changes mean the wrong philosophy. The tab, the double price, the “apologies” in this community from Asana staff , … . Time to start looking for other alternatives


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I’m not sure presenting your customer with a fait accompli like this is a great way of generating loyalty or happiness in the product that is Asana.

You’ve set a precedent now where it is not going to be possible to trust any further “improvements” as being beneficial for the customer. My personal and immediate reaction to any new features is now going to be shroud in an effervescent fiz of repulsive emotions, and all because of Asana’s own actions in value communication to me, their customer.

Like a colleague and I just discussed, you’ve essentially sold a fully functional car to us, yet now you’ve decided to remove the speedometer and charge us double the amount for the “privilege” of having it returned to the vehicle.

If perceived value and quality is derived by a person’s actions, ask yourself, would you be mates with Asana? Probably not.


Adding my voice to the frustrations already raised here - the Dashboard feature was one of the strengths of the Asana offering, and to deprecate it only to replace it with an almost identical functionality only available at a higher pricing tier strikes me as incredibly dishonest.

I think we’ll be re-evaluating our use of Asana and what it offers for what we currently pay as compared to other providers, especially if we’re going to be railroaded into paying more for the same feature set we’ve got used to.

The “solution for our team” is simple: give us access to the Portfolios feature for 0 additional cost - it’s functionality that was sold as included in the price when we first signed up.


Yet another software developer that decides to penalise the smaller organisation (or non-profits as has been said) without the financial resources to keep spending more and more. No reward for loyalty to the brand (whether big or small organisation)or for all the help and feedback for improving features - this happens so often. I can see this going the same way as so many other products - you’ll keep adding stuff now, there’ll be some great features but only the Business or Enterprise plans will benefit - Disappointed in you Asana - but not a big enough client for you to really care :frowning:


This is 100% correct, having your post hidden is dishonest. Sorry man.


I bet this wasn’t hidden by the community. That makes no sense at all. My ears are picked up now. Surely this raises a flag for anyone who has been following this thread?



An upgrade offering the new Portfolio functionality would be reasonable and honestly something expected.

But removing already paid for functionality and forcing payment to gain access to the replacement is a low blow.


How Dare You!

It’s obvious by the reaction from the community on this thread that you successfully angered ALL premium clients and discouraged anyone who was thinking of upgrading to find another platform.

Essentially what you have done is removed a tool which compromised the core function of a Premium account and replaced it with nothing of similar value.

stares at screen with a bitter taste


Link to the ASANA Facebook Post for those interested.


I must say, as an employee of a company who uses Asana thoroughly, I am immensely disappointed with these new updates. Dashboards is a fundamental aspect of our business, and it doesn’t seem logical to pay DOUBLE the amount just to use a feature that we have been using this whole time. This was a poor decision.


I’ve introduced Asana to two companies, and recommended it many times.

I’m joining a 6000+ people company in 2019. We won’t be using Asana.


Press F to pay respects.


Dear Asana,

We’ve been using Asana Premium for a while now.

We propose you either build up other new features and functionalities in Asana Business (besides moving Dashboards away, calling it Portfolios, and charging double the money) so the value-for-money is clear, or leave Dashboards for us Premiums.

Either way, you’ve managed to anger partners in my firm and to start our search for alternatives (like Wrike).


Just adding my voice to others who are dissatisfied. Another small non profit premium user who cannot afford a business upgrade,

And even if we could upgrade, the introduction of tiered feature sets (as opposed to tiers based on the number of users) is a disappointing shift in philosophy by Asana.

And as someone writing from an IPad with a crippled version of the app, I second the need for Asana to address several long requested features currently paid lip service while other features are taken away, revamped, then sold back to the customer base at a higher price.



I am very angry about the dashboards going away, I do not feel valued as a customer especially with a price increase…

First off I spent weeks trying to convince my user base of 70 users to move from trello to asana, dashboards was a major selling point. I work for a nonprofit, so purchasing 70 seats was a significant cost, and now this. not happy at all!

and of course when i share the portfolio with our executive leadership they cant see the projects, then I learned they have to be assigned to the project to see it, not exactly a great fit for us now.

At Least with the dashboard I was able to give them a report in google sheets via the dashboard on the 30+ projects we have running.

Very unhappy!


The point of the tool is to encourage focus and productivity! The last thing we need is a colourful sign and (unwanted) side tab taking up space and reminding us that we can’t afford the new features.