Intermittent problems with Project Templates not being created 100%

Anyone have intermittent problems with Project Templates not being created 100% as they should be? I have one Project Template that has the following, and and a lot of these items are failing to be created today when I use the task template.

*9 sections
*Approx 50 tasks (that have only pre-made names, no multi-homing, 1 custom field)
*1 Task Template
*1 Form

Roughly 1/3 of the tasks have been failing to populate today, as have the Task Template and the Form.

Sometimes, I get everything within a minute of creating the new project from the template. Sometimes, I don’t get all of the tasks. Even after waiting 20 minutes, nothing new is added/created.

It’s been VERY consistent in which tasks it fails to create. Its the same tasks every time, and it’s always a handful of tasks at the bottom of the Board View sections. All of them are the same kind of task as the rest of them— they have a name, no assignee, no due date, no multi homing.

I’m on a very stable ethernet connection with very good broadband, so this is not a connectivity issue.

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Asana had a “MAJOR SYSTEM OUTAGE” this morning, so if this morning was when you had the issue, you may want to try again.

For more info, you can check (right now, it appears to be fully functional again)

Here’s from this morning:


Hmm. OK I can see how that might be the culprit. We’re about to launch this project template across the company so if this sort of thing happens with any regularity, we’re going to have a mess on our hands.

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Hi @Matt5 I have worked with asana for many years, and this is not a regular occurrence to cause lots of mess.
As @Bry_ProjectKickstart mentioned, you can subscribe to the status page, this way you get instant notifications and would be in the know!

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