Asana doesn’t create the project templates

Hi Asana,

I created multiple new projects, it just isn’t loading the various tasks from the template. It says that it will load in due time, but the first project is already 2 hours “under construction”. I now created 5 new projects at least, and they all get stuck after a certain point.

Steps to reproduce:
Just create a new project from a template, then let it load.

Browser version:
Chrome, latest update.

I can confirm that:

  • I did not get any error message
  • I was able to
    create the projects, but the **tasks from the templates do not load in fully!**I see approximately 10-15 tasks loaded, but there are over 30 tasks which should be loading in. so: the project is in your provisioning portal, but simply does not load fully.
  • An incognito window or using another browser isn’t the problem. Because I can log in there and the projects will also not
    be provisioned.

A simple suggestion: go to your back-end, confirm that the project haven’t been loading fully and fix the solution in my personal account.

Best regards,

HI @Hanjun_Lee and thanks for reaching out!

It can sometimes take a little while for project to generate, especially if they’re heavy project, but they’re other external factors that can prevent project from duplicate from template (connexion drop for example). I’m curious, have you seen an orange banner at the top of your screen at any point? Do you have edit permissions on the template?

If the issue persist, I would recommend reaching out to our support team with the following info:

  • URL of this thread
  • URL of your template
  • Screenshot of any message you may see
  • Time of your last attempt to create a project from a template (make sure to mention your timezone too).

Hope this helps!