Install an app using the asana API

Hey, I was working on an app and found that the app needs to be separately installed for every project by the user. Is it possible to have the company admin to install it for all the projects in one go considering some organisations could have thousands to boards and having to install an app into all of them would be a daunting ask. If not, is there an API we can use to install the app into a project that would help automate the process?

Do you refer to apps like Zoom, and want it enabled on any project in the workspace?

Yes, we are writing our own app and we don’t want users to manually add it to every project, the admin should be able to add it for all projects at once

I am not sure, it does ring a bell. @iliaZelenkin @Phil_Seeman any idea?

This isn’t available currently. The closest I think you can come to this is if the initial add of your app is done via the Asana App Directory (assuming it’s published there) rather than inside a project on the Customize panel, then in that initial flow, there’s a screen where the user can choose to add the app to multiple projects right from the outset.

I see, even then the user would be expected to add the app to every project that was created after the app was installed. Is there something in the roadmap for this? Might be very helpful for people developing apps on asana.


I don’t work for Asana so I’m afraid I don’t know (and they don’t make their roadmap public).