Create an Asana app to track team performance under certain conditions

I am a newbie to Asana and have a challenge that needs your help. The challenge is that I want to measure my team’s performance using Asana. We already have an Asana licence with premium features. What is in my mind is to build an Asana app with access to specific projects. I mean by specific here is to apply some conditions that will allow the app to access certain project data. For example, if my manager wants to work with me on a private project, the Asana app we created won’t have access to this project at all. Is there an Asana way to do this?

Note: I don’t want to do it programmatically using Asana’s API. I want to use apps and create an app that will integrate internally with projects under some conditions and return its data to Power BI for example.

Hi @anon64836557 and welcome to the forum!

Since you don’t want to use the API but rather existing apps and Power BI (a smart move IMHO), I moved your post to the Integrations forum section which is better suited for it.

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Thanks Phil