Inspire & Impact Series: How do you run effective 1:1s?

Hi Asana Community!

I’m Jocey, a Product Management Lead at Asana, leading a team of 7 PMs alongside my cross-functional partners on Eng, Design, Data, and UXR. Our topic this week is all about 1:1 meetings. I don’t know about you, but I’m in a lot of 1:1 meetings these days! While 1:1s are critical to stay aligned on goals and projects, they’re especially valuable for deepening personal relationships with managers, direct reports, and colleagues.

So, I’d love to know: how do you run effective 1:1s? Share your best practices and tips below in the comments!

This is part 2 of our 3 part Inspire & Impact series. Stay tuned for our post next week!




I have a project for my 1:1 meetings where I keep all my questions and topics of discussion during the week to ask during the meetings. While in the meeting, I can quickly cover topics and assign tasks from the meeting

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Similarly to @Hellina_Lagumbay, I have a project for each of my 1:1 meetings. There is one project for each direct report, and we both have the ability to add/update. Each project has four sections:

1. Discussion Topics: This is our agenda for the meeting. There’s only one rule - we have to provide as much context as possible in the description for each task we add! I find without context, it leaves my direct reports worrying about why we need to discuss something. I try to always make it a point to deliver any critical feedback immediately, so they are not stuck waiting for our 1:1 to go over it.

2. Action Items: This is where we track action items coming out of our 1:1. Often, they will also get added to existing projects or spawn new projects.

3. Goals & Opportunities: This is where we review goals in Asana - we have them linked in the description of this task so it’s easy for us to find, and discuss any opportunities that may wind up on our idea board.

4. Annual Review: We still do annual reviews in our organization, so I track individuals wins/kudos throughout the year in our 1:1 project. That we, we can all reference it during review time. This section also helps when they are having a bad day and want to take a look at what they actually have accomplished/need to see a kind word or two to perk them up. :slight_smile: