Info on new Formula custom field

FYI Asana has just introduced a Formulas capability via custom fields.

I imagine the API docs will be updated shortly, but in case anyone wants some developer info on this enhancement, here are some basics based on my testing:

  • Formula custom fields show up as and are treated as number custom fields in the API.
  • On the custom field object, there is a new boolean is_forumula_field property, which allows you to distinguish for a number-type custom field whether it’s a formula field or just a regular number. (For non-number fields, it’ll always be false.)
  • There is currently no way via the API to retrieve or set the actual formula for a formula-based custom field.

(@John_Vu @sasha_f please let me know if any of the above in not correct.)


Thanks Phil!

One other thing to add here about formula fields: if you try to update a formula field via the API, the update will fail with this error:

“Cannot directly create or update the value for a formula custom field.”

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