Include Subtasks in Task Progress for Portfolio View?

I searched google and the forum but couldn’t find a solution to view Task Progress for Projects if i am in the List View for a Portfolio showing me the projects within. The Task Progress does not include subtasks (as they are not automatically part of the project…), however going into the Dashboard of a Single Project allows me to see overall open/finished tasks (including subtasks “not” in the project).

Any ideas to view this from the Portfolios list? For me, the much better indicator compared to just “main” tasks.

Thank you


While you can’t see this in Portfolio list view (see below), you could in Portfolio Dashboard, which can include a chart that by default tallies tasks and subtasks.

I think you’ve already ruled out making subtasks top-level tasks in their projects (or another) in a collapsed Section stashed at the bottom which would allow them to be counted in the Portfolio List view task progress column yet otherwise mostly remain out of the way.



Thank you for your answer.

I tried the think with the chart, where i can show Task count, but can i also calculate and show task completed divided by task counter?

For me, the second idea is a quite strange workaround I am not really understanding why doing it that way. Projects seem oftentimes the be organized in multiple levels (in my case an engineering project), which seems to be a thing asana is not really so good at.

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Sorry, @Manuel_Leuchtenmülle, it’s hard to get into details like this without seeing screens and speaking/interacting, so I’ll have to bow out, but I bet someone else will chime in with a good response!