Include Attachments in "Get Multiple Tasks" API Response

Hi Asana Developers,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to express the need for additional functionality in the Asana API, specifically in the context of the GetMultipleTasks endpoint.

Attachments play a crucial role in many integrations, including mine. Currently, to obtain attachment information for all tasks, the only viable option is to use the “Get attachments from an object” API request for each task individually. Unfortunately, this approach quickly exhausts the Maximum Requests Per Minute limit, making it impractical for large-scale integrations.

I propose the addition of attachment-related fields to the opt_fields parameter in the GetMultipleTasks API endpoint. This enhancement would allow developers to retrieve attachment details efficiently, reducing the need for multiple requests and overcoming the limitations associated with the current approach.

Here’s an example of how the enhanced opt_fields parameter could look:

jsonCopy code,attachment.size,attachment.download_url

This addition would greatly benefit many developers working on game development projects utilizing Asana. The ability to retrieve attachment information alongside task details in a single API call would significantly streamline integration workflows.

As a developer creating integrations for the Unreal Engine, I have a vested interest in this enhancement. You can find links to my integrations on the Unreal Engine Marketplace below:

  1. Ultimate To-Do List
  2. Ladybug Tracker

Thank you for considering this request, and I appreciate your ongoing efforts to improve the Asana platform.

Best regards,
Tomasz Klin


@Tomasz_Klin thank you for the detailed feedback. The request you want is actually implemented and works in the API, however, it is not documented. For example:

GET /tasks?project=12345&,attachments.size,attachments.download_url

This will return the attachments fields you want for tasks in a project. Note that you need an “s” on attachments that was missing from your example.

I suspect this isn’t documented because it is an expensive request for our data model. If you use it for large groups of tasks, you may end up hitting our cost-based rate limiter.

I agree with you that being able to fetch attachments fields on collections of tasks is useful. We are looking into what it would require to officially support (and documented) it.


It works! Thank you!

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