In My Tasks, repeating tasks duplicate in different section

In My Tasks, when marking repeating tasks as complete, they duplicate themselves in a different section. The issue seems to be only within My Tasks.

It always repeats itself in the same section, no matter where I start the task originates from
I can’t remember, but the section that it repeats itself to might be the original default folder (I’ve renamed and moved mine around so much, I can’t say for certain)

I am able to replicate the situation using My Tasks
When testing in project folders, things work as expected

If this is as expected, is there any chance that it can be adjusted for future releases?

to clarify…

repeating tasks that are marked complete always replicate themselves in the very same section, no matter where in My Tasks I originate a new repeating task from.

Hi @Nathalie_Collins1, thanks for reaching out!

In the Hacks section of your Profile Settings, you can choose to have recurring tasks populate in the last Section of your My Task or in the default Section.

It seems like you may have the option toggled off in your Profile Settings, as seen in the screenshot above.

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