Importing to Templats

I want to use a project template with tasks associated with new hires for a client. Is there any way to modify the task name when importing so the calendar and timeline show the information related to this project (ie John Smith Onboarding). If not, is there any way to modify what shows on the calendar to include Notes imported with the tasks?


Hi @Mary_Leveridge welcome to the community.

I have a similar project for new hires. When creating the new project off the template you have the opportunity to rename the Project, I include the new starters name in the project name. I don’t worry about the tasks as generally you can see the project name when viewing the task in Asana.

However I don’t use the calendar integration. So it may not be as visible. I do know however that you can’t get the additional info displayed in the integration.

Now @Phil_Seeman has developed a tool called Flowsana, and I think this might be able to help rename the project tasks to include the new hire name in one go.



Hi @Mary_Leveridge, and thanks for the mention, @Jason_Woods -

At the moment there’s no facility within Flowsana to do what you’re asking. However, you can accomplish it using Zapier.