Importing JIRA Board into Asana


I have a board in JIRA with epics, story, tasks. I want to import that board into Asana and then create a roadmap (timeline ) for that board. How should I do that? I have already created a sort of intergration between the two but not sure how the entire board with hundred of tickets will move into Asana?

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This post is older but I have also seen it in others that many used Unito to perform the initial transition: Automatic migration from Jira to Asana - #3 by Marc

Here is more info from Asana: Jira Cloud + Asana • Asana

Here is another tool that could be used.
And two more listed below in the other thread.

I hope that helps!


I built this for someone that I am working with. Asana dynamically updates based on information pushed from Jira on a webhook. We used a low-code platform between Asana and Jira to synk most things. All issue types, status, sprints, releases, etc and put configurability on the Asana side so that each PM could control the behaviour of how certain things were accounted for like Assignees, due dates, if Asana should automatically push out Sprint and/or Release Version (reports) etc.