Imported tasks with a CSV file and it created private duplicate tasks


I recently created projects using a CSV file - such a time saver! :slight_smile:

However, it created duplicates of tasks, which appear only in “My tasks”. These tasks are private and are not “linked” to the original task. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Any solutions for this?

Thank you!

See images below

Weird! @LEGGO the CSH hero, any idea?

@Julie-Anne_Belzile is this happening for every task created by import or just at random? It certainly would seem like a bug to me.

Do you use any third-party integrations that might be unintentionally creating these duplicates? I don’t think any native rules (automatons) could create a private duplicate task, but that’s the only other thing I can think of if it isn’t indeed a bug.

Thanks for the replies! Seems pretty random (didn’t do this for all tasks) & I don’t use any third-party integrations.

I’ll keep an eye out for this behavior @Julie-Anne_Belzile.

What you are experiencing is super odd because import is a project feature yet the duplicates you are coming across are private and not associated with any projects, correct? By chance does the task activity log offer and evidence as to how the task might have been created?

Do you still have the CSV import file used to create this last duplicate? If you try to re-import using that files does it do it again?

We had the same thing happen! It is causing A LOT of issues. Is there a quick way to mass delete all those duplicated, private tasks without having the user do it manually?

Maybe there is, but I haven’t found a solution. I’m not able to see the private tasks that were created for other team members (so only able to delete the ones that were created for me).

@Jerod - sorry I forgot to reply. No clues in the activity log that would help explain how these tasks were created. I haven’t tried to re-import the file.

Hi all! This recently happened again and I think I figured out the “cause”. It happened when I created a project using the CSV file and then deleted it when I noticed a few errors that would be easier to correct in Excel & import the whole project again (rather than “manually” editing tasks in Asana). In short, it seems to happen when you delete projects you created with this method.

Ah! @Julie-Anne_Belzile are you then saying that it doesn’t CREATE duplicate tasks but rather orphan tasks remain when you decided to delete the project? If so, managing the deletion of tasks to prevent any orphans, can be challenging at times. Perhaps this post can help with that a little - Best Practices when deleting a Project or Why keep orphaned tasks when deleting a project? - #7 by Jerod_Hillard

Ah - did not know about this! Thank you so much!

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