Import Project from CSV with WORKLOAD data

Hi all. I just started using CSV import which is great, but I did not find a way to import tasks WORKLOAD informations. I tried to do it by importing Custom Field of the same name, as I have Workload unit in my portfolio to which I’m assigning the project, but it didn’t work as I hope so. It created Custom Field “Hours” parallel to separate field “Hours” defined as workload unit. Any hint how to achieve what I need? :slight_smile:

During the CSV import process, click “Make Changes” instead of “Continue to Project”.
(see screenshot)

Then, map the fields (but they HAVE to match data types exactly):
(see screenshot)


Thanks for prompt reply - I have copy your proposal but for some reason it did not work out. Below explanation what I have done:

  1. before import, I have created new numeric Custom Field “H” visible as active in organisation library

2021-10-26 19_31_02-PSO private - Asana — Mozilla Firefox

  1. I have set up CSV file like below

2021-10-26 19_28_06-Zeszyt1.csv - Excel

  1. I have import project with Make Changes button clicked, but when tried to find “H” file, only “Number Field” was visible (not like in your example “Hrs” field)

  1. After adding project to portfolio, it did not recognize “H” custom field, as the same “H” file used in that portfolio for workload measure

2021-10-26 19_20_54-Test - Asana — Mozilla Firefox

  1. when lookig into specific task, there is “H” custom field with numeric data visible

only way how all this continues, is automatic creation of separate “H” filed as a measure for workload in portfolio. Am I doing something wrong?

@Adam_Lisiecki - I’m happy to help you briefly in a live zoom call if you’d like. I’ll message you now. If you’d like to jump on a free zoom call to get help, reply and I’ll provide a link.

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