Images not uploading to Asana App or Browser

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When myself and/or my team attempt to drag an image into the app or browser, a green bar appears, but does not allow us to upload the image.

Steps to reproduce: drag image to asana card, green bar appears like it is uploading, but does not complete upload.

Browser version: App and Chrome Version 94.0.4606.54 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Upload screenshots below: Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 11.30.16 AM

Hi @Monica_Russo-Dunphy, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into this issue! Could you please try the troubleshooting steps below and let me know if any of these resolve the issue:

Please also test your connection using this link and let me know the results:

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

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