I receive an email notification for a project deleted while I cut the link to email



In the profile settings, I choosed to completely unconnect Asana to my gmail box.
However, when a project is deleted, I still receive an email.

Why do you keep a special behavior for those operations?

Thank you


Hi @Julien_RENAUD! Great question! You’re completely right, when disabling email notifications, Asana will keep sending you notifications for projects you’ve deleted. The reason behind this behaviour, is that you’re the only person able to recover these project, and you can only do so via the link sent in these emails.

I don’t believe there is currently any way to disable these; that said, you could create a rule in your Gmail Inbox to move them directly to your spams (ie: if an email is sent from "no-reply@asana.com" AND contains “deleted” > move to Spam). I know this is not ideal, but it might be a good workaround for the time being!


Thank you Marie for your answer.
Ok I understand why the owner should receive this email.
However, yesterday I deleted a project I owned with 100 members, and everyone received an email, what brought many questions as some of them are still not comfortable with Asana.


Same issue here. Is there any way to change notifications the way only project owner gets a notification and not ALL the members?