Still getting emails and notifications even though I thought I turned them off

I have a team and about 15 test Projects I’ve created, doing some “beta” testing for our company to see if we can use Asana for one of our major projects.

As I’m creating, testing, and deleting projects, I’m getting FIREBOMBED in my Asana Inbox and also my Email.

I get precisely NO emails from Asana, and I haven’t since 2017. I double checked, and I still appear to have all email notificiations turned off. But, anytime I duplicate, delete, or alter one of my Projects, I get an email.

Likewise, my Asana inbox is getting absolutely loaded with notifications.

I need to set a way for this Team and ALL of the projects within it so that, by default, NOBODY gets any email notifications, and that nobody gets any Asana inbox notifications unless there’s a due date or they are tagged.

How can I do this?

Hi @Matt5 no way to turn off notifications in your inbox. Asana does sent out direct emails on project deletions as a precaution, allowing you to take action if that deletion was in error.

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