I need advice about setting up projects correctly to track both tasks and (human) resources effectively

We are a small business with 14 consultants and we have started using ASANA as a way to track both project progress and use of resources. We seem to be able to do one or the other really well but need to find a way to do both.
Are there any suggestions to help us?

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Calling on our @ambforumleader and @pforumleader to offer some suggestions here :slight_smile:

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Can you clarify the shortcomings you are seeing? It’s hard to help you, it is vague.


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If you are looking to track physical resources such as conference rooms, cars, etc., then @Bastien_Siebman created a simple yet powerful guide on how to do so in Asana here: Manage resources like a boss

If the resources you are trying to manage are something else, like employee hours, etc. then I agree with @Bastien_Siebman that if you could provide some more details on the problems you are having, we can certainly help you. You can also try searching the forums or Asana Guide for keywords to do your own research if you prefer that option. Additionally, Asana has great training resources that you and your team can take advantage of to understand Asana better and supercharge your users’ abilities. We’re looking forward to updates on this so we can help you and your team further!



Hi Bastien,
We are a consulting agency that consists of 13 staff. We have a number of different types of projects working for different clients, and our team work across most of these. Our team all work different fractions with some being full time, some being 0.8 FTE, some 0.6 FTE, and even a couple of 0.4 FTE.
We currently set up ASANA for each individual project, and within the folder assign ‘tasks’ to each person involved along with the date this needs to be delivered. We allocate a specific amount of time the consultant can take to complete the task - ie develop workshop 3 hours. If the consultant is working on this task across a number of weeks, each week they note the time they have worked on this - which in turn informs their time sheet so we can monitor ‘billable hours’, and also have a cumulative total so we can see if consultants are taking longer to complete tasks or actually completing them in less time - this is to inform our costing when we write proposals etc.
ASANA is really important to us to monitor both the on going timing, budget and deliverables of the job, as well as the billable hours of the consultants, and also importantly the (human) resource allocation moving forward so we know how much time our team may have available for projects when we are trying to work out the timeframe for deliverables in any new or upcoming projects.
We are finding we can either manage the project and deliverables really well OR the human resource side really well but not one solution that allows us to do both without compromising something in the other area. Given this is what ASANA is designed for I know there has to be a way and we have been looking at the tutorials etc but have yet to find something that will work for us and cover off everything we need. If we need to get an external expert in to help us set it up correctly at the outset we would be happy to do this - just thought I would reach out here first to see if there is anything obvious to do.
Grateful for any advice. Thanks.

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I agree Asana is not the best tool to precisely track how long each task took, that’s why people usually use other tracking solutions connecting to Asana Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison

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