I liked the hearts better

The thumbs up button on tasks & comments is lacking love.

I do get that some didn’t like it in their teams…
Maybe offer some choice, like github/slack reaction emojis?

Completely agree!

Looked at my Asana inbox today and it has turned into a Facebook feed.

Not sure why the hearts were ever replaced but having some sort of choice seems ideal, our whole team want the hearts back!


I’m still seeing hearts in my account (phew)


Agreed! We like the hearts. If the thumbs-up must stay please give us choices. Maybe add a perplexed option too. LOL


I rarely leave any product feedback to be honest, but I really enjoyed the heart feature and was sad to see it go away.

Maybe you guys could do what Facebook does to give you options by holding down on the now “thumbs up” button - you can have a choice between heart or thumbs up.

Just an idea!


Me too.
Pls, give us some kind of choice to return it back. e,g. as some hack.



Without hearts, there is no way i can send love to my colleagues anymore :frowning:


me too - must be a beta thing!

Me too! The thumbs up is pretty lame. If some like them and some don’t, let’s offer both!


VERY DISAPPOINTED that hearts were changed to what appears to be a Facebook like.


I guess I understand the logic behind :+1: as it might be weird for some company cultures to use a :heart:. It would be good if this was a setting you could toggle on or off.


I choose love too:love_you_gesture:! The hack that made a “heart” explode into a confetti of many hearts was just delightful… the same is not true for the thumbs. Cascading thumbs simply aren’t as celebratory, they is a bit odd actually.

I agree with the loving people above that we must have the hearts! [side note: I would’ve given each of their comments a heart if that were still an option]. If the hearts don’t appeal to all Asana users, then providing options sounds like an excellent solution. It is also worth considering that the people who are not fans of the hearts probably need them the most.

The Unicorn Celebrations and Hearts were what captured my interest as a User and they serve as outstanding engagement tools for new Users. When I’d tell my team members that completing a task may result in a unicorn, narwhal, phoenix, or yeti soaring across their monitor on a rainbow, it won them over and served as a catalyst to using Asana.

We need more ways to share love in this world, not less, please don’t take the hearts away.


Oops! I failed to engage the emoji… :love_you_gesture:

(This was not a ploy to add more replies)

I am actually wearing my official Asana t-shirt today, and then I saw this post. Please don’t make me take it off and relegate it to the bottom of the gardening/painting/mechanic clothing pile!

The Unicorn celebrations (along with his new Yeti, Narwhal and Phoenix friends) and the hearts were what captured my interest and imagination when our organization moved toward using Asana. Every now and then, I hear coworkers exclaim “I just got a Unicorn!”, and we celebrate together. It never gets old! Despite being only fleeting moments, those random celebrations do their part to bring us together as a team. Likewise, whenever I receive a heart from a coworker, it warms mine. Please don’t kill the hearts - these are what sets Asana apart from the rest of the “herd”!


What does “not appropriate in all workplaces” even mean? Who in the world would ever complain about hearts? How is the thumbs up more “universal” than the heart symbol which has been around for way longer?

Don’t get it. Thumbs up is lame. Hearts were cool.


Boo!!! I liked the heart. Disappointing that this has been changed to a thumbs up like FB. Share the love I say, thumbs up are so ‘Meh’!


Guys, you’re breaking my heart, please don’t take the hearts away. Happy to be given a choice, but our team loved the hearts. Please bring them back :disappointed_relieved:


Where.is.the.love??? Give it back!

“Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
’Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love?”
(Where is the love? by Black Eyed Peas)


Yes! Bring back the hearts, please. Blue likes suck.

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Bring back the hearts!!! We need more love on this project management platform.