I Depend on You!

Haaaaaaappy Christmas!!

Welcome to this 11th advent calendar pop. My name is Rashad Issa. I am an Asana Forum Leader and Ambassador tapping into the wealth of user-cases this community shares and implements. I am the Quality and Business Improvement Lead at the Baltic Exchange, supporting the strategy and navigating through regulatory requirements for this growing business. From audits, to process improvements, to leading projects, it all happens in Asana, and I am delighted to share with you this feature which totally changed the way I work.

In a productive team, the wellbeing of every single individual is paramount for the unit to operate. The more the team progresses successfully, the more this support unit flourishes. And this concept applies in reverse: the wellbeing of the team needs every single individual to contribute to its wellbeing.

If you carry this concept to your work, in a project, the successful work of one task is dependant on the successful work of others; while the success of the project is dependant on the successful completion of every single task.

This is how you can think of ‘blocked by’ and ‘blocking’ dependancies in Asana. Clarity is very important to support the team’s wellbeing and existence, so they know how they contribute to the bigger picture. But you should not forget the importance clarity brings to the day-to-day work the team is occupied with.

This is where I use the dependency feature when building my projects. Just like Destiny’s Child, I depend on me and my commitment to the project work; but I also depend on you for the project work as a whole to be successful.

On day 11 of this festive season, here are 11 things that can help you build clarity in your project:

  1. List all tasks and work with your team to understand the estimated time it takes to conduct each task

  2. Add start and finish dates for all of the tasks that require a time frame

  3. Agree with the team on clearly defined milestones

  4. Include any custom fields used to help provide further clarity to each task

  5. Map out dependencies between the tasks

  6. Map out dependencies for all the milestones

  7. Review the project in ‘timeline’ view to ensure you have no red lines in the critical path

  8. Define when Approvals are required for particular tasks

  9. If you have access to rules, then use them to create approval subtasks when a certain field is changed. If you do not have access to rules, list your approvals in the project and account for them in your dependencies

  10. Call on your most trusted team member to review the project plan. After all, I depend on me might be full error proof. When review is done,

  11. Assign the tasks to the designated team members and let the magical unicorn [image] fly

Make sure your independence does not overshadow the clarity you provide to your team. You can read more about dependencies and all the productivity workflow they over directly on asana’s guide here

Enjoy this feature as it is available to all tiers, including the starter tier. And with this, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas!


Another food from thought from my friend @Nick_Sonnenberg, when he says the individual productivity can sometimes take a hit if it means the team productivity rises :slight_smile: