I can't see projects anymore

I can’t see projects anymore on Asana under the category “Projects” to which I am a collaborator. I am a beginner and I was added to a project under which I have been working so far but presently when I open the App I can’t see projects and I don’t know why. I need some help please. Below is a screenshot of the page. Thanks

Hi @Jo115 , welcome to the forum :smiley:

Have you tried tapping on the ‘All’ tab, next to ‘Recent’? Any projects that you are a member of should show up there. Once you click into a project, it should then show up in your ‘Recents’ tab.

Hi @Jo115 ,
You may be in the Personal Projects section.

Tap on the Account icon on the bottom right and check if You are in the right place. (You should see the check on the left of the organization name if it is active).

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Yeah, I did that before and there was still nothing

Oh, great. I tapped on the Account icon and then the organization and everything came back to normal. All the projects are now visible. Thank you so much. Great relief indeed.

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Good call @Patryk_D !

@Jo115 , glad you got this sorted out! The same problem happens in the desktop app sometimes too :sweat_smile:

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