“All” projects cannot be viewed.

Is it just me or is the “All” view in projects not working for everyone? I can only view my projects from the “Recent” view. The projects are missing when I click the “All” tab. This only is happening in my personal/private space. I can see “All” when I’m in my teams workspace.

I deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPad and powered my device on and off. I can’t think of any other solution.

Also, I tried to post this a few minutes ago so my apologies if this is posted twice. At least this time the formatting options showed up so I can upload the screenshots.

Here is my “Recent” view (had to post a reply since new users can only embed one image).

Hi @Ta_Pemgrove,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app and let me know if this works please?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hi. As stated in my original post, I’ve already done that. I appreciate your help so if you have further suggestions I could use them. I actually uninstalled and reinstalled three times just to see if it would trigger a response.

Also, @Rebecca_McGrath, besides uninstalling and reinstalling three times I discovered that the same thing is happing on my iPhone. So, this is definitely not my iPad installation.

@Rebecca_McGrath Hi, I gave a couple of replies above so I’m hoping you can give further guidance?


Hi @Ta_Pemgrove, thanks for following up!

I can confirm that what you are experiencing is indeed a bug! Our Engineering Team is aware of this and are working on it as a priority.

I’ll loop back in on this thread once the fix is confirmed! :slight_smile:

Hi @Ta_Pemgrove, good news!

Our Engineering Team have confirmed that a fix for this will be available next week when our next version update for the Asana app is released :tada:

Please just update your app once this update becomes available and your All projects tab should return to normal! :slight_smile:

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