I can't log in to asana on the mobile app

I can’t log into Asana on my phone.

I’ve turned it on and off, updated it, and uninstalled and reinstalled Asana. When I try to login through my work gmail account it says “login error, there was a problem logging you in”.

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Hi @Nikki_Peple and my apologies for the late reply! Are you still running into trouble?

When you log in via your computer, are you using:

Hi Marie,

Thanks for replying! I figured it out - just needed to log in manually instead of through Google.

Thanks again for the response!

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Well played @Nikki_Peple, thanks for keeping me posted :slight_smile:

I just experience this issue with Google sign-in reporting an error. I, too, was able to bypass by manually signing in. May be worth looking into if this is intermittent behavior others are seeing.

This is a pretty non-intuitive method to login using SAML… most other apps that support SAML put some visual indicator to let the user know what they should do to login via saml. (i.e. a link to a SAML-specific flow that requires just your email address, for example). As a user there’s no way to know from what the (iOS) app displays that I can proceed with a SAML login by just putting in my email address.

Additionally, attempting to login to the app by opening it from my SAML app/portal (Okta) didn’t work, I was just given the usual login flow.