I can see there is no size specified for the attachment in attachments API. How can we get size of file?

I am trying to get the attachment details of my tasks in asana. I can see the data for the attached files but the size and the mimetype are not there. But I need the size of attached file, can anyone please tell me how can I get that? is there any specific API in asana to get the size of the attachment in asana?

I am trying below API:
GET https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/attachments/1200*******1191

And below is the response:
“data”: {
“gid”: “12091",
“created_at”: “2021-03-18T11:48:14.795Z”,
“download_url”: “”,
“host”: “asana”,
“name”: “main-qimg-9965**********2c45 2.webp”,
“parent”: {
“gid”: "12
“name”: “ZIP and WEBP attached”,
“resource_type”: “task”
“permanent_url”: “<permanent_url>”,
“resource_type”: “attachment”,
“resource_subtype”: “asana”,
“view_url”: “<view_url>”