Asana Attachments API

I am trying to script out downloading all Key Resources (attachments) from a project. I can successfully get all attachments and see that they exist, but am not able to download any of them.

Whether I’ve upload folders and files from the UI or from the command line, all my attachments have an empty (None) property for download_url and permanent_url. Here’s an example record with a fake GID. Most of the properties are empty/none, so there’s no way for me to download the file. I think this is a bug because I can download directly from the UI

{'connected_to_app': None,
 'created_at': None,
 'download_url': None,
 'gid': '12345678910',
 'host': None,
 'name': '',
 'parent': None,
 'permanent_url': None,
 'resource_subtype': 'asana',
 'resource_type': 'attachment',
 'size': None,
 'view_url': None}

Hi @Steph_Orpilla,

Welcome to our developer forum, can you share with us how you are making this request? Are you using our client libraries? If so which language and version? Are you making this request using cURL? Postman? etc…

If you can share with us a code snippet of the request you are making it would be helpful. Make sure to hide or abstract any sensitive information.