Download an attachment from a Task and send it to S3

I am trying to download an attachement from a task in Asana and upload it to S3 in Python, so I was able to retrieve the json content containing different type of info such as
permanent_url …
To upload the file to S3 I tried those URLs but it seems not working, any idea ?

I don’t know if you can directly upload a file under a link to S3, that would depend on the lib you are using, not Asana. If your lib cannot, you’ll have to download the file locally and then re upload.

Thanks for your quick response, when I try to download the attachment locally using the permanent_url Log in - Asana***********
and the requests library in python I was getting an HTML content or my attachment is an jpg
So I gess the issue is in the url and not in the library

in fact it worked, I have to use the download_url instead of permanent_url, thanks for the support

Great :muscle: