📸 I bet you never saw what Asana used to look like

What a journey from that image to what Asana has become! Anyone used Asana back then?


This was before my time but wow, it’s amazing how much we’ve grown :heart_eyes:

Before my time! I mean, it looks nicer now, but it’s also surprising how little seems to have changed structurally.

Great product!

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I remember that view… First time I ever saw Asana, back in 2011 it think.

Guy I was working with was using it… But in those days it only had a very basic IOS app and I was on Android and wanted something on my phone…


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So were you that guy that said “this is ludicrous they don’t have an Android app!” :rofl:


Yep… Wouldn’t touch it…

If I recall, the original strategy was web apps for mobile circa 2012 or so.


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