I am not able to book a call with Calendly

I am not able to book a call with calendly. It lets me choose the day and time, but the confirm button doesn´t work, by pressing it nothing happens.
I´m using chrome. Any suggestions?

Hi @Christin_Stingl, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! In order to best assist you, could you confirm if you are using an Integration of Asana and Calendly? I see Zapier offers an integration but we don’t support it. It’ll be very helpful if you could share more details with us!

Hello Emily, thanks for your kind reply.
The company who uses Asana workspace is offering its clients a link, where I am supposed to be able to book phone calls.
Clicking on this link, I can chose date and time, but I cannot actually book the call. What should happen is any sort of confirmation mail or similar.
I am not a digital expert…so I have no clue what details I could share with you. Suggestions like changing browser or deaktivate ublock didn´t work so far.
Could you be more specific on what exactly you need to know?