How to use blank (not specified) option in dropdown in rules

I have a rule that sets a number value in a field based on a selection in a dropdown in another field. I want to create a rule that sets the number value to 0 or blank if no selection is made in the dropdown. Here’s the flow:

  • Colleague fills out an intake form, selecting customer health from a dropdown (green, yellow, or red) in the Health field.
  • Rule runs that puts a number in the Health Score field, based on the dropdown selection (1, 2, or 3).
  • The Health Score field is used in another formula field.

If my colleague selects green, the rule runs and adds a 1 to the Health Score field. This works great!
If my colleague later changes the Health dropdown to blank (not specified), the 1 remains in the Health Score field, instead of clearing.

Is there a way to clear the Score field if the dropdown field changes to blank?

Hi @Christy_Lutz ,

There is a rule condition that checks if a dropdown field is not set:

You could use this with a trigger of “When dropdown field is changed” to monitor if they clear out that health field.


And for completeness, here is the action you need to clear your Health score field. :wink:


Thank you!

Thank you for this help!

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