How to track % tasks completed on time?

I am building out OKRs for our startup. We’d like to have a Key Result around on time completion of Asana tasks as a metric for our commitment to deadlines, but I can’t figure out how to easily find this information in Asana.

Also for others who track this metric - how do you differentiate between tasks that are actually overdue vs. deadline moved for some work-related reason?

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I believe at the moment you can’t track if something was completed within the “allowed period”, neither can you track if a deadline has been changed easily. We usually encourage to track overdue tasks, but not whether or not something was completed on time.

@lpb wanna add something maybe?


Welcome, @Elizabeth_Tish,

Great question. To start, I agree with @Bastien_Siebman’s reply:

I think that there’s been a teaser about a calculation type of custom field coming, but no details; I think that might solution for this kind of request if it allows comparing the metadata fields of due date and date completed, but no guarantee.

Related to the above, there is a guarantee that @Bastien_Siebman can provide that solution for you with a third-party customization, so that’s an option.


You could create a single-select custom field for Deadline Moved? and value it with a :heavy_check_mark: (its sole option value) to track those.

With the calculated custom field you could create a Project Dashboard or Universal Reporting chart, and filter out the Deadline Moved tasks.

I also encourage others (@ambforumleader, @pforumleader, etc.) to add here what additions they have (and mark one as solution if more complete than this reply).




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