How to Share Task to Whats App




If i create the task and add assign the task to that user, now if i want to share or send motification by E-mail and What’s app number. Can we achieve it with this app, way we can do with AE Organizer app.


You want to receive notifications in Whatsapp ? Or comment in Whatsapp and have the comment appear in Asana? Not sure I understand :slight_smile:


So you want to be able to have notifications for Asana be sent to a Whatsapp number, similar to how they’re sent to email?

Asana doesn’t do that, but perhaps you could find an integration that would send emails matching a certain filter to an email?

Zapier doesn’t have whatsapp, but you could set something up with a 3rd party they do use, so like set it up to text a number using that 3rd party service (like textmagic) anytime an email notification is sent to that person.